Career Suicide Promo 2012

by Wageslave



Two preproduction versions of songs that will be released on our upcoming full length, "Career Suicide."


released April 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Wageslave Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Everyone's Always Dying On Mondays (A Tale of Privatized Healthcare)
Within the chaos before him exist the complexities of his intentions. He falls to the dirt clutching the finality of his endeavors. In one hand earth and fractured bone chipped away by slander and assumption. In the other the flame of his passion bottled alongside the fluidity of his disdain. His pallet beset with a bitterness that follows his emptied trust. Insipid was the life he observed. Anemic and overthrown by listless bureaucracy. The dirt hes swallowed grinds the enamel from his teeth and his solution was as graceful as an uninsured root canal. Face down with a cylindrical 9mm crevace dug into his crown the path of his contempt is revealed. Before his corpse a concrete jungle and its hollowed occupants bathed in his amber distaste. Flailing limbs attempting to flee their inevitable skin grafts. Saturated in the piss of a cancer patient's inflamed pancreas and its price tag to follow. His existence ceases in front of the crowd he foresaw. Though the channels were swiftly changed to something more entertaining.